Mad Science provides spectacular science-themed shows designed to amaze and entertain audiences. Spectators learn about science when they see foggy dry ice storms, float on a Mad Science hovercraft, watch a foam factory at work, discover Bernoulli’s principle, make magic mud, alter sound waves, and so much more! Come check them out as they share about the the science behind movie special effects at the BLS&A Expo!

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The DIII-D Fusion E&O Team will introduce you to the wonders of plasmas, electromagnetism and cryogenics, where you will learn how they can all work together to produce unlimited, clean, and safe energy and... launch all sorts of projectiles in the air (because blowing things up is the best part of being a physicist). Come check out their highly interactive booth and stage show

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DJ Professor Shadow is a Math Professor by day - and a DJ by night! Come watch him teach you about the connection between music and math! His demo will make fractions and algebra fun by setting fractions, percentages, and algebra problems in the context of Hip Hop, Art, and Movement. Fractions can be challenging for many people, however, when put in context of music and art, fractions are approachable. Check it out!

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Booth 4 - Dulcet

Giovanni Mejia and Diamante Cintron are part of San Diego's elite local musical talent. Over the years these musicians ran into each other many times, but didn't come together 'til recently. The young duo realized the musical chemistry they had and took San Diego by storm. Slowly, they created a versatile duo called Giovanni and Diamante. Individually both musicians are well versed in the music scene, but together they created a supernova.




Have you ever wondered about the science and art of roasting coffee? Well here is your opportunity to come learn more about coffee and the role of engineering innovation around even making drinks! On your tour to the well known Ryan Brothers Coffee Shop, you will learn about the traditional business of coffee roasting as well as the innovative designs of their new patents for their Free Style Xpresso drink maker and Hot Draft Tankless systems. Come take a tour and take a sip! 

Tour demos at: 11 and 1

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Attitude Brewing Company will give guided tours of their Barrio Logan Brewery and a short brewing seminar presented by their Master Brewer trained in Germany. Also, come check out their amazing BioTek Instruments Cytation5 Automated Microscope to get a close-up look on cool cells stained with fluorescent markers.



On the day of the event, the Barrio Logan Science & Art Expo will be host to dozens of companies, public institutions, and organizations showcasing their passion for science & art. Some of our confirmed exhibitors include:


San Diego Natural History Museum

Check out what the Nat has to offer! Learn about our one of kind Museums for All programs to see if you can get year-round admissions for up to four people! Come have fun with our engaging activity learning about animals and their scat.


Computer Science Education: We will show you how video games are made, and how to build one yourself! We would like to have power for a gave students can play with a projector we bring and show them how to build a video game after they play. However, is power is not available, we can do different set ups for our booth.

UC San Diego Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Come check out our Arduino projects and talk a look at our walking robots!



CREATE is an energetic research and partnership development center addressing one of the major challenges facing California and San Diego: getting our diverse community of young people prepared for, admitted to, and succeeding in college and careers. CREATE’s mandated goal is to link the campus to the diverse San Diego community -- specifically, to help improve students’ preparation for college.


UC San Diego BioEASI

Ever wonder what’s happening inside your body when you are sick?! Guests will learn how our bodies recognize things that cause disease and play the part of cells in our body that attack these invaders.


Ruben H. Fleet Science Center

The Fleet Science Center connects people of all ages to the possibilities and power of science to create a better future. Our mission is to realize a San Diego where everyone is connected to the power of science.

UC San Diego Scripps Institute of Oceanography

The Science of Ocean Sound. Listen to whale song and other fascinating ocean sounds. Interact with scientists to learn how we record and use these sounds to study and protect marine life!

UC San Diego Department of Physics

Learn and play with demonstrations of basic principles of physics, and ask professional physicists your burning question about the Universe


San Diego Police Department’s Forensics Unit

San Diego County Vector Control Program

Come view live mosquito larvae and mosquito fish! At our booth, you will obtain valuable information and handouts about vector-borne diseases and steps for their prevention. Check out some samples of the mosquito life cycle under our microscopes.


Society of Physics Students from California State University San Marcos

Come check out our booth where will host a variety of physics demonstrations to entertain the public in explaining the physics of everyday life.

San Diego Mesa College STEM CONEXIONES

Ever wonder how hydraulics work? Learn the science behind the uses of hydraulic pistons! We will have a cool demonstrations on how hydraulics help lower and raise huge structures like bridges!


San Diego County of Education - Splash Science Mobile Lab

Splash Science Mobile Lab is a completely self-contained mobile science laboratory offering students the opportunity to learn about watershed issues by acting as scientists to solve a water-quality mystery.

sd zine Fest

A free, all-ages daylong event with zines presented by over 100 regional and international independent publishers. During the fest we host zine related panel discussions, readings and workshops open to all ages, Joined by local food vendors and musicians, in celebration of do it yourself ethos.


SACNAS San Diego City College

We hope to raise awareness by talking to parents with science-interested students. We want to help students get motivated with science applications. On the day of the event, we will have demonstrations in about various aspects of the physical science around us.


Art of Problem Solving (AoPS) Academy

Students and parents alike will participate in challenging brainteasers. If you are ambitious and would like to engage in gripping thought provoking puzzles Art of Problem Solving may spark your interest!



San Diego American Association for Laboratory Animal Science

Discuss Career Opportunities in Biotech related to working in Animal Vivariums at local universities and research institutes. Review educational requirements for field. Volunteers will discuss their own careers. Animal origami for kids (mouse/frog), hand out career pamphlets, hand out poster on Noble Prize in Medicine for past 100 year, Mouse Mascot hugs and pics with kids. Can set up video if electricity available.

SACNAS San Diego State University

Come learn about the science of bouncy balls! Chemical reactions allow bonds to form between molecules and this gives them new and exciting properties.


Dudek Cultural & Paleono-tology

Coe explor the possibilities in local careers in sciences, such as archaeology, history and paleontology. Discover the vast range of life from places around San Diego and Southern California with our wide collection of fossils and artifacts!


City of San Diego - Public Utilities Dept

Learn where and what to put in your trash, down the drain or in the compost. Come answer all your questions regarding water and wastewater facilities.


Environmental Health Coalition

The Air We Breathe Matters! In our table we hope to have Art displayed, Brochures, Poster Boards, Pictures, exposure to air monitors and filters, and maps. Q&A with community.


General Atomics

The General Atomics Sciences Education Foundation has been actively involved in improving K-12 science education since 1992 by providing outreach support to GA employees, funding STEM non-profit organizations, and developing educational resources.


Kalli Arte Collective

Printmaking workshop will introduce all participants to the art of silk screening. Here you will have the opportunity to create your very own kind of print. This hands-on workshop will be open to all ages to come and participate!



Guest will learn the science of bicycles and information about what KCicletas does in the community. Each guest will have the opportunity to engage with a fun art activity, learn the different parts of a bicycle, and have the opportunity to engage with a fun surprise.


Generations Center for Youth Advancement

Upon entering our booth we will introduce guest to CYA Opportunity Garden, display photographs and examples of what we grow. We will explain the procedure needed to create seed bombs and explain our youths involvement in compiling compost by reusing organic materials. Each guest will leave with the seed bomb they created!


KIPP Adelante Prep Academy

In the near future, young people will have to answer questions our world does not even know to ask yet. Come learn how to code with our middle school innovators, scientists and problem solvers!


Northrop Grumman

Come to our booth where we will showcase an Escape Box and Computerized HandiBots CNC Machines. Our Escape box attendees will need to solve puzzles to unlock compartments. The HaniBots attendees will interface with a tablet to create a design the CNC machine will carve out making your own personal name badge.

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Living Coast Discovery Center

Guest will be able to explore our local wetlands with a native critter and an interactive wetland model. They will also learn about the importance of keeping our watershed clean from pollution.


La Bodega Art Gallery

Guest will learn how to do Marbling. Marbling is the art of printing multi-colored swirled or stone-like patterns on paper or fabric. The patterns are formed by first floating the colors on the surface of a liquid, and then laying the paper or fabric onto the colors to absorb them.



Parent Institute for Quality Education Will provide activities that help parents demystify STEM concepts, which oftentimes are thought of as being too challenging and complex. With our Parachute Drop, we will be testing the concepts of gravity and air resistance. While we know what happens to falling objects of different weights!

Qualcomm Institute at UC San Diego



We are committed to changing the way we interact with and understand science. Come check out our virtual reality demonstrations using are molecular visualization software!



SACNAS is an inclusive organization dedicated to fostering the success of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans, from college students to professionals, in attaining advanced degrees, careers, and positions of leadership in STEM.


National University Robotics Experience for inspiring and educating youth towards STEM fields. Join us for Robotics Building, Modeling, Programming and Electronics. Participants will compete in "Swept Away" an exciting robotics game that tests their building and skills. Younger guests can use Lego robotics to build and play while learning new skills and having fun!


San Diego nanotechnology infrastructure

The San Diego Nanotechnology Infrastructure (SDNI) offers users from academic, industry and government laboratories open, affordable access to a broad spectrum of nanofabrication and characterization technologies and expertise that enable and accelerate cutting edge scientific research, proof-of-concept demonstration, device and system prototyping, product development, and technology translation.